SEAI Institute

The Spatial Econometrics Advanced Institute (SEAI) is the advanced school of the SEA. It is held yearly and consists of a 4 weeks course on Spatial Statistics, Theoretical Spatial Economics, Spatial Econometrics and Spatial Panel Econometrics.

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To become a member of the Spatial Econometrics Association, please download here the application form and mail it to: secretary@spatialeconometricsassociation.org


“The Association wants to promote the development of theoretical tools and sound applications of the discipline of spatial econometrics, including spatial statistics and spatial data analysis. Spatial econometrics should be viewed in a wide sense involving developments of models and statistical tools for the analysis of externalities, spillovers, interactions etc., in various areas including economics, geography and regional science, etc. An aim of the Association is to disseminating and encouragING such a knowledge and good practice in academic and research institutions and in the society at large.