NEW! Australian Spatial Econometrics and Statistics Workshop

Dear Collegues, We would like you to notice an event which is connected to our international network. This time is Australia, what a wonderful country!  Visit their link + their introductory course on Spatial Econometrics Description The Department of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash Business School is pleased to host the Australian Spatial Econometrics and Statistics workshop. […]

SEA online seminars

Dear Collegues, in order to reinforce the international community of scholars and practitioners of spatial econometrics, and to make this community increasingly open to young researchers and students, the Spatial Econometrics Association decided to launch a monthly online seminar series. 🎯 Who & What SEA seminars? We invite Master students and Ph.D. students to present […]

Reminder : Call for papers Lille (FR) Spatial Econometrics Workshop

The LEM (Department of Economics of Lille), the LPP (Department of mathematics of Lille), INRIA-MODAL, the ONCOLille Institute and the UniversitĂ© de Lille will host the 20th International Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics on May 19-20, 2022. The aim of this International Workshop is to promote and develop scientific exchanges between economists, econometricians, statisticians and mathematicians on spatial […]

SEA 2022 Public Service Annoucement

We hope you enjoyed the summer school last year and that you will participate with your contribution to this year‘s conference. Your contribution is of paramount importance to bring new ideas in the Spatial Econometrics Association! The conference hopefully will be in presence and this will give us the chance to meet eventually in person.  Let us take this chance to […]

Lille (FR) Spatial Econometrics Workshop MAY 19-20, 2022

We are happy to announce that we partnered with LEM (Departement of Economics and Management) & LPP (Departement of Mathematics), INRIAMODAL, ONCOLille at the UniversitĂ© of Lille participating at the 2oth international Workshop on Spatial Econometrics & Statistics on MAY 19-20, 2022 At the moment this will be on-site but this will surely depend on the […]

SEA 2022 Warsaw Call for Papers OPEN

Dear SEA and SEAI members We are thrilled to announce that the call for paper for the Warsaw 2022 SEA conference (June 23-24) is now OPEN. Official Warsaw SEA 2022 Jump in! Call for papers Jump in Too! We hope you enjoyed the summer school last year and that you will participate with your contribution to […]