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fourth “Paelinck” monthly seminar ✅

seminar n°4 with Zuzanna

Our fourth meeting has been reaaaally interesting! 

This time, there was a larger audience of 8 people, including researchers and seniors. We were talking about finance and networks this time.

We discussed a great and almost completed work by Zuzanna Brzóska-Klimek from the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, which focused on the value of organizations in networks”.

On to the next episode scheduled for:

14.02.2023 Yanli Lin (Ohio State University) who will be expand further on networks: Dynamic network interaction models with robust decision-making

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Disclaimer ‼️

We are pleased to announce that due to the high demand we have been receiving, we are starting to think to expand our meetings from one per month to two per month, this will be happening not for every month, however this will also be clear by the end of February. This will allow us to better accomodate our econometricians and provide them with the support they need.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our new meetings and thank you for your continued support!

In our newsletter on monthly seminars we wrongly specified the list of presenters. We post the correct version on here:

DateSpeakerPresentation title
14.02.2023Yanli Lin (Ohio State University)

Addressing endogeneity issues in a SAR model using copulas

14.03.2023Hanbat Jeong (Ohio State University)Dynamic network interaction models with robust decision-making
11.04.2023Alberto Hidalgo (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid
9.05.2023Mohammed Syedul Islam (West Virginia University)Spillover effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on reducing COVID-19 cases in the United States
9.05.2023Jieun Lee (University of Illinois)Testing endogeneity of spatial weight matrix in spatial dynamic panel data model
13.06.2023Jesus Antonio Lopez Cabrera (Tec de Monterrey & United Nations)Relationship between labor productivity and remuneration: an analysis of spatial proximity at the state level in the manufacturing sector in Mexico
13.06.2023Malabika Koley (University of Illinois)

Revisiting Anselin et al. (1996) after almost 3 decades

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