Helpie FAQ

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  • Where do I verify my payments?
    To check your payments status, please go to the  MEMBERSHIP tab in the top center navigation bar. Then click right to the left of the Home tab, there it is Payements.
  • Where do I verify my subscription to SEA or SEAI
    1. Your required to go to the MEMBERSHIP tab in the top navigation bar.
    2. Then click Subscription
    Verify current and past subrisption status in the active column. If everything works you should see YES. Otherways it can be just a matter of time between your current transaction and the system registering it. If you encountering any problem please feel free to contact us to  
  • My credit card is expired what do I do?
    Go to MEMBERSHIP in the top navigation bar. Then go to Subscription.  At this point take a look at the membership row and scroll right to check your card expiration date. If that if flagged red then click to update in right box. In this part a pop up is appearing, please paste your new credit card number and expiration date. then click subimit. You are DONE!
  • How do I delete my Account?
    In order to delete your account you might go the ACCOUNT tab in the navigation bar. If you have any current active payment this will be promptly cancelled as well as your current and past subscriptions. Then select Delete Account and confirm! Please, as a last wish, make sure to tell us why you are deleting the account.
  • I have paid as bank transfer but I do not have any active subscription
    Bank tranfers are manually checked by our secretary office. So please be patient we will verify your payment as soon as we can. If you are currently in the month of June of July please be more patient since we are receiving many payments and it might take sometime more to double check you payments.
  • How do I change my account mail?
    Go to the ACCOUNT tab. Then type your new e-mail in the e-mail address. Then click Update Account.
  • How do I change my Password?
    Go to the ACCOUNT tab in the top navigation bar. Then click in the Change Password, below Account.