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Reminder : Call for papers Lille (FR) Spatial Econometrics Workshop

The LEM (Department of Economics of Lille), the LPP (Department of mathematics of Lille), INRIA-MODAL, the ONCOLille Institute and the Université de Lille will host the 20th International Workshop on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics on May 19-20, 2022. The aim of this International Workshop is to promote and develop scientific exchanges between economists, econometricians, statisticians and mathematicians on spatial econometrics and statistics and their applications in various fields of research. This International Workshop strongly encourages exchanges between senior and junior researchers PhD students

At the moment this will be on-site but this will surely depend on the COVID outlooks.


  1. For this 20th  edition, we also promote submissions on issues related to oncology, econometrics of networks and peer-effects and public health.

Feel free to circulate this as widely as possible among interested colleagues, PhD students, researchers, etc.

The website of this international workshop is accessible at

Invited speakers for this edition are:

  1. Prof. Xiaodong Liu, University of Colorado Boulder, USA

  2. Prof Jorge Mateu, Universitat Jaume 1, Spain


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