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SEA online seminars

Dear Collegues,

in order to reinforce the international community of scholars and practitioners of spatial econometrics, and to make this community increasingly open to young researchers and students, the Spatial Econometrics Association decided to launch a monthly online seminar series.

🎯 Who & What SEA seminars?

  • We invite Master students and Ph.D. students to present their work, draft theses or concepts.
  • We also invite senior econometricians to join the discussion and share advice with our younger colleagues, and to encourage the supervised students to give their presentations.

To ensure an in-depth discussion, we assume that a single seminar would consist of one 60-90 minute long slot for one presentation and discussion. In the case of high response rate, however, we will consider two 45-minute slots.

📆 The Schedule

Our envisaged schedule is to meet every second Tuesday of the month, at 15:00 Central European Time / 14:00 London time / 9:00 Washington time, starting on October 11, 2022 (and then following up on November 8, December 13, and in 2023: on January 10, February 14, March 14, April 11, May 9 and June 13).

📝 Application procedure

Interested presenters are invited to send their presentation proposals (including title, abstract or abstract-like paragraph, and keywords) to, with a message title “SEA Monthly Seminar. (If You received this message as forwarded, and would like to be included in future related mailing, please inform us using the same address and message title.) Further details, including a Zoom invitation, will be circulated in September 2022.

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