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SEAI 2023 winter session!

Dear SEA  member,
the first Winter Session of the Spatial Econometrics Advanced Institute will take place in dual mode at the Catholic University in Rome from January 16th to January 25th 2023.

Lectures 🏛

Lectures will be held in presence at 4pm – 7pm local time to allow online participation at different time zones.
  • Week 1 will be devoted to Spatial Panel Models (Monday to Friday) ,
  • Week 2 to Bayesian Spatial Econometrics (Monday to Wednesday).
Click on the download button to get the detailed course schedule!
The school will start conditional upon reaching a minimum number of participants

Cost Structure 💰

Participation fees are the following:
  • € 250 (online for the participants to the 2022 summer session), 
  • € 300 (online for SEA members), 
  • € 600 (online for non-SEA members), 
  • € 1200 (off-line for the participants to the 2022 summer session), 
  • € 1300 (off-line students),
  • € 1700 (off-line faculty/senior).

Fees include participation in all the activities. Accommodation in Rome is excluded.

Deadlines ☠️

  • registration: December 15th
  • acceptance communication: December 22nd
  • payment: January 15th


Please provide us feedback at

Looking forward to see you both in person and online and best wishes!


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program outline 👨‍🏫

  • J.P. (Paul) Elhorst Spatial panel econometrics

    •  What is a spatial econometric model?

    •  What are spatial lags=spatial interaction effects?

    •  What is cross-sectional dependence (CSD), weak and strong CSD, local spatial dependence and global CSD, and/or common factors?

    • How to interpret the outcomes of a spatial econometric model? Direct and indirect effects.

    • What are spatial spillover effects, or indirect spillover effects?

    • How to estimate a spatial econometric model?

    •  How to select the spatial weight matrix W and the right econometric model?

    • How to deal with critique on spatial econometrics?

    •  Role of economic theory. It is not only statistics that matter!

  • Virgilio Gomez Rubio, Bayesian Spatial Econometrics
    • Day 1:
      • Introduction to Bayesian Virgilio Gomez Rubio inference.
      • Introduction to INLA and R-INLA.
    • Day 2:
      • Spatial models for lattice data.
      • Spatial econometrics models.
    • Day 3:
      • Extending spatial econometrics models.
      • Advanced topics.

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