Welcome to our monthly seminars on spatial econometrics!

Spatial econometrics is a field of economics that focuses on the spatial relationships between economic variables. It is used to analyze the effects of location on economic outcomes, such as the impact of a new business or policy on local economies. In this seminar series, we will explore the fundamentals of spatial econometrics and discuss how it can be used to inform decision-making. 

We will also explore the latest research in the field and discuss the implications for policy and practice. We look forward to a lively and engaging discussion! 

It can be a nice way to network with top tier and senior researcher and with younger ones as well as having a further peer review of your current project! 

📆 our schedule this Year



Presentation title


Roberta Muri (University of Bologna)

Municipal Waste Policies and Spatial Effects: an Empirical Analysis on the Veneto Region of Italy


Zuzanna Brzóska-Klimek (SGH Warsaw School of Economics)



Yanli Lin (Ohio State University)

Dynamic network interaction models with robust decision-making


Hanbat Jeong (Ohio State University)

The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid


Alberto Hidalgo (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)

The Effect of Short-Term Rentals on Local Consumption Amenities: Evidence from Madrid


Mohammed Syedul Islam (West Virginia University)

Spillover effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions on reducing COVID-19 cases in the United States


Jieun Lee (University of Illinois)

Testing endogeneity of spatial weight matrix in spatial dynamic panel data model

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