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Spatial Econometrics Introductory course @Monash (AU)

Prof Arbia visits @Monash to Teach Spatial Econometrics and Statistics Program

In February, Monash University (AU, Sindney) had the pleasure of hosting our chair prof. Arbia for a program focused on spatial econometric and statistical issues. The program aimed to bring together academic scientists, researchers, and research scholars who are interested in or working on these topics.

The program consisted of both invited and contributed papers covering theoretical, methodological, and empirical areas in spatial econometrics and statistics. Teacher Arbia’s expertise in this field made her a valuable addition to the program.

Overall, the program was a great success and provided valuable insights into the latest developments in spatial econometrics and statistics. We look forward to future programs with Teacher Arbia and other experts in this field.

We are happy to share some photos of these moments while teaching and with students.

Some photos 📸

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